World Tour

Qualify now for a breathtaking and unique vacation experience with PM!


PM-World Tour means: Every year a different dream destination, every year an incomparable dream vacation exclusively with Rolf and Vicki Sorg! Let this dream trip of superlatives become an unforgettable experience for you!

2023 – a special year with a special destination – the Seychelles!

The Seychelles, the dream destination of Rolf and Vicki Sorg. A dream they always wanted to fulfill.


This dream is now becoming reality, together with YOU - an island just for PM-International.


Discover with us this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, with its powder-fine sandy beaches, wonderful lagoons and lush, velvety green vegetation.


Dive into a fascinating underwater world with the world's largest coral atoll and discover the almost only natural habitat of the Aldabra giant tortoises.


Be part of it and experience your unique holiday with PM - in the anniversary year 2023.


Take off and secure your participation in the World Tour 2023, because you can be sure, there has never been anything like this with PM.


And that’s how you’re in:

  • You are at least a confirmed member of the PM Top Management (VP or higher) by no later than November 2022.
  • Within 12 months you qualify at least 2 new qualification lines to fully qualified IMM until November 2022. The 12-month period begins with the registration of the first IMM once a full month has passed.
  • You personally confirm your level of VP continuously from December 2022 until the beginning of the trip!

The qualifying date for the World Tour 2023 is November 30th, 2022!

If you confirm your qualification after November 2022, but within the 12-month period, you will be eligible to participate in the World Tour 2024.